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Workshop: Prenatal and Birth Process tot nader order voorlopig alleen inschrijven voor wachtlijst

Start datum: 9 juni 2017

Eind datum: 11 juni 2017

Locatie: Centrum DJOJ, Antony Duyklaan 5, 3051 HA Rotterdam

The 3 day workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested in how birth and prenatal experience informs our sense of who we are and how we see the world. It combines a theoretical understanding of birth from the baby’s perspective with experiential exercises to explore how these early experiences shaped us personally.

With Matthew Appleton and Jenni Meyer


Integrative Baby Therapy Training (vol) nieuwe training start 2019 informatie over data volgt

Start datum: 11 maart 2016

Eind datum: 8 oktober 2017

Integrative Baby Therapy draws from a number of sources including Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Body Psychotherapy and Craniosacral Therapy. It is also informed by recent research in areas such as self-regulation, neurobiology, epigenetics, biodynamic embryology, field theory, attachment theory, traumatology, consciousness research and cross-cultural studies. The course is supported by more than two decades of clinical and teaching experience.